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The Blockers: Extension and Plugins that Block Ads and Javascript

~ last updated 5 years ago ~

Safari Extension: Disconnect

  • Name: Disconnect
  • Author: Brian Kennish | Website | Download
  • Description: Stop major third parties from tracking the webpages you go to (built with WebMynd).

The full-on big brother (no pun intended) of the Facebook Disconnect extension featured here on PimpMySafari.

This extension will block Digg, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Twitter from following you around the internet and observing your browsing behavior through widgets and tracking code on websites.


Safari Extension: Facebook Disconnect

  • Name: Facebook Disconnect
  • Author: Disconnect | Website | Download
  • Description: Stop Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to.

Browser extension developed by Disconnect, Inc. stops Facebook from following you around the Interwebs and tracking your browsing behavior, through their widgets, for their own benefit.

Facebook is the recently most visible offender in that it has been identified that they will track your browsing behavior to websites that have their widgets installed -- even if you are logged out of Facebook.

This extension will block this behavior from Facebook.

Disconnect, Inc. also provides a more comprehensive extension called "Disconnect" that identifies such behavior from many third-party sites, blocks it, and reports it to you in the toolbar button.


Safari Extension: Block Yourself from Analytics

  • Name: Block Yourself from Analytics
  • Author: IgorWare | Website | Download
  • Description: Block your Google Analytics activity for the websites you own, no more false stats.

At first I thought this was about hiding your tracks everywhere, but the developer clears that up on the extension website page:

Block your Google Analytics™ activity for the websites you own, no more false stats. This extension is not meant to block Google Analytics™ script for all websites, it's for webmasters to block their own visits for their websites thus avoiding false stats.

Please don't ask for ability to block Google Analytics for all websites, I don't support that.

I agree.


Safari Extension: Get Off My Lawn - blocks social media widgets

  • Name: Get Off My Lawn
  • Author: Gianni Chiappetta | Website | Download
  • Description: Safari version of Mike Taylor's "Get Off My Lawn" extension for Opera.

Blocks Facebook like, Google +1 buttons, etc.

Best icon ever.


Safari Extension: AdBlock

  • Name: AdBlock
  • Author: Michael Gundlach | Website | Download
  • Description: Blocks ads on all websites. Ported from

The premier ad blocker extension for Safari. Very configurable, lots of options.


Safari Extension: Plugin Blocker Safari Extension

  • Name: Plugin Blocker
  • Author: Rodger Combs | Website | Download
  • Description: Plugin Blocker stops all plugins (like Flash and Silverlight) from loading on websites, and replaces many sites' Flash video with HTML5 (including YouTube).

One of several flash and plugin blockers. You'll have to give it a try to judge its merits over the others. I've lost track for now. Maybe a redux is in order.



Safari Extension: ClickToPlugin Safari Extension

  • Name: ClickToPlugin
  • Author: Marc Hoyois | Website | Download
  • Description: ClickToPlugin can replace every <object>, <embed>, and <applet> element on a web page by a placeholder element during page-loading. The user can load the embedded content manually by clicking on this placeholder.

ClickToPlugin is the next phase of Marc's ClickToFlash extension that blocks all kinds of embedded content. Essentially, it replaces all embedded objects on a page (of certain types) with a placeholder that can be acted on for viewing.

If you find yourself annoyed by flash content, or you feel like it slows down your computer, this extension is for you.

The options are extensive, allowing you to select which MIME types you block, with support for blacklists and whitelists (or green and red as the author calls them here).

See below for the full set of options.

ClickToPlugin Options 2.png

The website and download links are in the table at the top of the post.


FaceBlock Safari Facebook Ad Blocker

Name: Faceblock
Author: Connor McKay of Vertical Forest | Website | Download
Requires: Safari 5 with Extensions Enabled
Description: Have you been dreaming of the day when Zuck and the Facebook folks would decide that they don't want to show you creepy ads that seem to know everything about you?

Well dream no more. No, they haven't seen the light, but you can hide those pesky ads with the FaceBlock Safari plugin.

Version 1.1 adds rules to block ads in several areas of the site, not just the sidebar.

See Also: The Safari Adblock plugin also works on Facebook ads, as well as ads just about anywhere in the Interwebs. But if you're not ready to give up ads entirely, this is a great place to start.


Safari Adblock Extension

Extension: Adblock for Safari


Requires: Safari 5.0+ with Extensions enabled

Description: The developer of Adblock has ported the insanely popular Chrome version of Adblock over to a Safari Extension.

(If you're technically inclined, this extension also includes a port library that will attempt to make any Chrome extension work as an Adblock extension.)

If you're not using Safari 5 (released June 2010), then you'll need to go old school with some Adblocking plugins. But you really should just upgrade to Safari 5, in my opinion.

Here's's ad-ridden page...

And the same page with Safari Adblock, all cleaned up...

Extreme Brewing -

Of course you can now get a similar effect with the new "Reader" button.


The Reader button comes with the added bonus of not having to click the "next page" button as it presents the entire story in the one scrollable window.

The downside is that ads do get loaded in the first place prior to your clicking the "Reader" button. So you do get tracked, which is an important detail to those of us who wear tin foil hats.


Safari Extension: JavaScript Blocker

  • Name: JavaScript Blocker
  • Author: Travis Roman | Website | Download
  • Description: Controls the loading of external scripts in <script> tags.

JavaScript Blocker puts you in control of which scripts are allowed on any given domain. It can run in one of two ways: blocking mode, or allowing mode.

Blocking mode lets you allow a select few scripts on a domain-specific basis, while allowing mode lets you block them instead. In either mode, you can choose to create automatic rules to allow or block scripts based on if they come from the domain of the page you are viewing or not.

A whitelist and blacklist are automatically installed, but can be manually removed if desired.


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