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Best Safari Extensions Lists

People love creating their lists of best Safari extensions, or their Safari Extension Must Haves.

Most of these are from last year after Safari Extensions first appeared on the scene, but that doesn't make them any 'less best'.

~ last updated 5 years, 3 months ago ~

My Favorite Safari Extensions « MacSlice

At PimpMySafari, we love "favorite extensions" posts.

Says Kevin Nunez from

It's been a few weeks since Safari 5 was released, and with it came the ability to install extensions like in Firefox or Chrome....Here's a list of my favorite (as of now they're pretty much all I use) Extensions for Safari.  via My Favorite Safari Extensions « MacSlice.

Here's the pimpified version of Kevin's list here on Pimp It!  Give 'em a vote if you like them.

Read Kevin's post for his comments.


Must-Have Safari Extensions: Browser Resizers

If you're like me, you've got a lot of things happening on your computer screen(s) at the same time. As a web developer and blogger, most of the windows I usually have open are browser windows. Whether I'm reading email, keeping up with tech news and social media, developing websites, or creating content, it generally involves several


Avram Grumer's Safari Extension list

Avram Grumer over at the MakingLight blog has a great list of his favorite extensions.

Plain Gmail by Brad Lindsay ??" Modifies the mail composing field in Gmail to use your browser's default fixed-width font. (I like Inconsolata.) YouTube5 by Connor McKay ??" "This extension removes the need to use flash on YouTube by converting all


10 best Safari extensions | News | TechRadar UK

10 best Safari extensions We've picked ten of the best extensions for your web browsing enjoyment : TechRadar UK


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