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Safari Extension: Tab Limit - Limit the Number of Tabs that Safari Can Open

shared by pimpmysafari on (5 years, 2 months ago)

  • Name: Tab Limit
  • Author: Dan Browne | Website | Download
  • Description: Limits no. of Tabs in Safari. "Safe tabs" are left-most tabs which will never auto-close. This extension does not auto update.

If you're like me, you end up with dozens of tabs open in Safari, the tabs too small to read, and half of them hidden away in the menu on the right.

With this extension, you can limit the number of tabs that Safari will open to a number configurable by you. If you exceed the number of tabs, the left-most tab (that's not protected) will silently disappear.

You can designate a certain number of tabs on the left to be "Safe" from removal.

I use this extension in conjunction with the OpenAtEnd extension which makes the behavior very predictable. The combination of the two allows me to get something close to the "Pin" tabs functionality in Chrome.

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