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Safari Extension: MiniStumble

shared by pimpmysafari on (4 years, 10 months ago)

  • Name: MiniStumble
  • Author: Lynn Pye | Website | Download
  • Description: StumbleUpon extension with limited functionality

MiniStumble gives you a new extension bar with a 'Stumble!' button, a 'Share this Page' button, a 'Show Info' button, and an information area that will attempt to ask StumbleUpon for the page title and # of views reported, using the StumbleUpon badge API. The 'Stumble!' button will redirect you to the StumbleUpon website's toolbar mode. The 'Share this Page' button will open a new window for submission of the current tab's URL. If it exists, you'll be asked if you wish to share it.

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