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Glims Updated for Safari 5. Not Dead Yet.

posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years, 4 months ago)

You might think that the new extensions platform available in Safari 5 means lights out for the old school Safari kitchen-sink plugins like Glims, Saft, and Safari Stand.

Not so fast.

Last week the guys at updated Glims to fix the issues introduced by Safari 5. It's not dead yet. Here's why.

Quite simply, through backdoor programming access to the browser (via SIMBL apparently not via SIMBL, I was thinking of some other plugin. Thanks for the reader who straightened me out), it can do a good deal more than what can be done through the extensions browser API.

Here are my three top favorite features that make Glims a must-have on the Safari browser, even the new version 5.

More search engines in the search field

Glims allows you to easily configure any search engine you want in the search droplist, adding as many as you want to the default two three search engines provided by Safari. In addition, you can add hot-keys and key modifiers to the address bar.

Even if I don't use the many of the search engines in the drop list, the mere presence of this feature makes it useful to me. The google icon in the search box reminds me to type my searches in that field rather than the address bar, which I do chronically, and en up on the annoying Verizon search page that my ISP injects when it cannot resolve something that I type as a domain.

And if I do find myself typing a search in the address bar, I can just put a 'g' in front of the term and Glims will intercept it and perform a google search. I had to configure this. There don't seem to be any defaults here.

It simply makes the search feature better.

Search Suggestions

Glims adds an enhanced search window that gives suggestions as you type your search term for a set of configurable search engines.

glims search hud.png

This is configurable so you can choose which search engines supply these results, and how many to show.

Favicons in tabs

glims favicons.png

Glims adds the favicon for each site into the tab. I don't believe that Safari's new extension architecture allows this level of access to the browser. If it did, an extension would surely exist for this by now.

If this was the only feature in Glims, I'd be using it. Heck, I'd pay for this.

Most of the other features of Glims are being knocked off one by one by new Safari 5 extensions, but they're holding fast with these few killers that can only be implemented with an advanced plugin tool like SIMBL.

It also does appear that some of the old stand-by plugins are dropping off. It seems that Saft and Inquisitor have stopped development.

Get Glims here.

Update: Saft has a Safari 5 compatible Snow Leopard beta version available here. I misread the Saft FAQ page earlier and mis-interpreted the current state of the product. I have purchased an upgrade and will be trying it out.

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