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Using Safari for some of your RSS feeds

posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years, 4 months ago)

Jul 27, 08:55 am

Lets say you want to use an external RSS reader for most of your aggregation needs, but would like to use Safari for the odd one or two feeds. For example, I personally find it easier to browse the 'Latest photos from your Flickr contacts' feed in Safari, due to the 'one long page' style. Maybe you just want to use Safari RSS to notify you of new messages in GMail?

Here's how to set it up:

Select Safari as your default RSS Reader Add the feeds you want in Safari, placing them inside a folder. For example, my Gmail feed sits inside a 'Gmail' folder on my bookmarks bar, so that it can be updated automatically, and display an unread count Change the default RSS Reader back to your choice To read the feeds in Safari, choose 'View Al RSS Articles' from the bottom of the bookmark folders menu. This will display the feed in Safari, without sending the URL to your RSS Reader. Don't click the feed itself.

Posted by Jon Hicks


You can also bookmark the "all feeds" page that Safari shows, which means you can have one-click access to those feeds. This bookmark doesn't notify you of new feed entries though; this apparently only works for folders.And I'm not shure if this still works if you select another application as default feed reader. # mardoen 27/07/2005

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