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My Must Have Safari Extensions

posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years, 3 months ago)

I test a lot of extensions, hundreds by now. I install pretty much every one of them to make sure it at least works before I write about it. Once Safari gets up to a few dozen of them, things get a little rough in the extension management preferences and the browser gets fragile and crashy when I try to go into the preferences pane.

The easiest thing to do is to just wipe them all out and start fresh. And when I do, there are just a small bunch that immediately get installed again.

Here they are.

Gmail Checker

With 1900+ current unread emails, the counter isn't helping me much right now except to stress me out, but the quick access to my Gmail inbox is key. Plus, it always uses an existing tab if Gmail is already open somewhere. Even in a different Window. It's the little things. → Get it.

Plain Gmail

Speaking of Gmail, the plain Gmail plugin displays plain text emails the way they were meant to be displayed, like it's 1994. What, you don't get ASCII art text messages all the time? Still, it's great. Try it. → Get it.

Plain Gmail is awesome. - - Gmail.png


Like Gmail Checker, a quick way to get to Google Reader. Not only does it show you your unread post count, but it uses the active tab and goes right to Google Reader when the RSS icon is clicked. There are a slew of other great Google Reader extensions, but that's for another post. → Get it.

google reader.png


Call me a luddite, but I actually like using Twitter's web interface. MonkeyFly takes the Twitter interface and jacks it up huge. You have to see it to believe it, but if you use the Twitter interface, you simply have to see it. → Get it.

Yeah, this is MonkeyFly.


Tweetie Share

When I'm not using, I'm using Tweetie. In my opinion, it is the best Twitter desktop app bar none. Tweetie Share simply opens up a Tweetie post dialog with the current page's URL shortened. There are lots of tweet this and URL shortener extensions, but as a Tweetie user, this is the one. → Get it.

Maximieren (Maximize)

I use this just for the auto-size left half and right half of the screen. I get maximum use of my 30" Cinema display by putting two big browser windows side-by-side. It has a bunch of other options as well. → Get it.


Invisible Statusbar

If you've spent any time in Chrome, you know how to do the status bar right. Having a hint to where a link is going to go is worth having a status bar enabled, but there's no reason it has to take up those pixels full-time. Invisible Status Bar shows the url in a link only when you hover over it. → Get it.

Safari Extensions, Tips, and News - Pimp My Safari - The Safari Guide.png

Honorable Mention

Basecamp Link Shrinker

I don't expect a huge number of people to be impacted by this one, but if you use basecamp as much as we do in our company, you have surely run into the problem where really long links break the page layout. One long link can turn a long message thread into misery. Basecamp Link Shrinker solves that by truncating the display of long URLs in the messages. Simple and brilliant. → Get it.

Old School Add-ons

Also worth mentioning are these two plug-ins (not extensions) that I don't think I could use Safari without.


An amazing password manager. It is an OS X app, iPhone and iPad app, and integrated with every major OS X browser. The Safari integration is top notch, and when I stray to other browsers, I feel the difference. This is one browser add-on that keeps me coming back to Safari. (Thankfully, now I can stay.) → Get it.


Last but not least, Glims is a kitchen sink utility plugin for Safari that quite simply makes it usable in ways that extensions can't currently touch. The one killer feature that I cannot live without, and cannot believe hasn't made it into standard Safari functionality, is the favicons in the tabs. Ten tabs open with nothing but six characters of text in them?

I can name that tab in 5 characters. No you can't. → Get it.

These are the extensions and plugins that I cannot live without.

What are yours? Post'em if you got'em.

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