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posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years, 4 months ago)

NOTE: This is an older style plugin that uses an input manager or a third party tool like SIMBL to modify other OS X applications. If you're using Safari 5, you probably want to check out the newer Adblock Extensions.

Updated: 20.11.08 License: Free URL: GlimmerBlocker 1.0.1b Requires: OS X 10.5+

Due to the lack of a proper plug-in architecture, most enhancements for Safari are "haxies". That is, SIMBL modules or InputManagers that inject code into Safari in places where it was never intended by Apple. Though this approach has produced many useful plugins for Safari, they can often lead to instability in the browser.

GlimmerBlocker offers a powerful ad-blocking plugin for Safari that avoids this method of enhancement. Instead, it is implemented as a simple http proxy. A robust set of built-in filters are included, and custom filters can be added via the control panel that is installed in the System Preferences.

I have realised similar performance in GlimmerBlocker as for my erstwhile favourite, Safari AdBlock. Though, on some sites, GlimmerBlocker can be a littletoo agressive; on the NY Times site, for example, the page looks better before ad blocking is applied than it does afterwards, using the default filter set.


Filter customisation is easy (if you know JavaScript), and it includes a mechanism for filter subscription. The GlimmerBrowser site includes a filter wiki page for users to post their filters for subscription by users. Features in Version 1.0.1b

Not a haxie, like other blocking enhancements Works with all browsers "Upgrade-proof" functionality Default filter for common worldwide ad-providers Easy to create custom filters

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