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FlickrPlus Safari Extension

posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years, 2 months ago)

Name: FlickrPlus
Author: Rob Wilkerson | Website | Download
Description: A Safari 5 extension that provides a collection of tools designed to improve the Flickr experience.

FlickrPlus adds some great and sorely needed features to Flickr images: Display the URL of the image being viewed. View any size without having to click on the All Sizes button Access the Flicr short URL for sharing via Twitter or email View the current image on black (though the new Flickr interface provides similar functionality now) View the images Exif information by clicking on the FlickrPlus "Olive" on the lower right of the image itself. Complete with fancy OS X dashboard widget-like interface flipping the picture around to display the Exif info on the "back" of the picture. This alone makes it worth the price of admission.

Flickrplus 1

Note: The pink links are from the Nofollow extension.

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