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posted by pimpmysafari on (6 years ago)

Floppymoose Updated: 12.11.04 License: Freeware URL: Floppymoose Requires: 10.2+ Safari 1.0+

Free ad-blocking capabilities with css

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GlimmerBlocker 1.0.1b Updated: 20.11.08 License: Free URL: GlimmerBlocker 1.0.1b Requires: OS X 10.5+

GlimmerBlocker offers a powerful ad-blocking plugin for Safari that avoids this method of enhancement. Instead, it is implemented as a simple http proxy. A robust set of built-in filters are included, and custom filters can be added via the control panel that is installed in the System Preferences. Features in Version 1.0.1b

Not a haxie, like other blocking enhancements Works with all browsers "Upgrade-proof" functionality Default filter for common worldwide ad-providers Easy to create custom filters

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Pith Helmet 2.6.6 Updated: 20.06.06 License: Shareware - $10 URL: Pith Helmet 2.6.6 Requires: 10.4+ Safari 2.0+ (older versions available for Panther)

Very powerful ad blocking plugin, with the ability to set rules for adverts, animations and scripts per-site. Changes for 2.6.6

fixed support for NetNewsWire 2.1 fixed a few rare but unpleasant code bugs (asserts) fixed a few translations

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Safari AdBlock 0.3.2 Updated: 25.05.08 License: Freeware URL: Safari AdBlock 0.3.2 Requires: Safari 3.0+, 10.5+

Safari AdBlock is perhaps the best ad-blocking solution for Safari. It is free of charge and licensed under the GPL. Safari AdBlock is meant to be extremely simple to use: there is nothing to configure, no filter list to manage, and no regular expressions to write. Changes for 0.3.2:

Major speed improvements, thanks to John's amazing work in RegexKit Bugfixes

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SafariBlock 1.2 Updated: 09.07.07 License: Freeware URL: SafariBlock 1.2 Requires: 10.3+, Safari 1.3+

SafariBlock is designed to be an imitation of Firefox's AdBlock extension. Adverts or frames are blocked via a context menu. While not as fully featured as PithHelmet, users may find this approach easier to configure. Changes for 1.2

Added Safari 3.x compatibility Fixed issues with "check for updates"

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SafariPlus 1.5 Updated: 24.05.06 License: Freeware URL: SafariPlus 1.5 Requires: 10.3+, Safari 1.3+

SafariPlus adds a preference menu item to the Safari application menu, allowing you to control a whitelist of cookie domains.

SafariPlus in an InputManager extension. It adds a preference menu item to the Safari application menu, allowing you to control a whitelist of cookie domains.h4. Changes in 1.5

New Feature: Flash ad blocking

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