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Krum Na: @dribbble Check out this S ...

@dribbble Check out this Safari extension for Dribbble emoticons me and a friend of mine made -
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Safari Extension: CustomSearch Safari Extension

  • Name: CustomSearch
  • Author: - Software for Mac and PC | Website | Download
  • Description: Edit search entries by opening the Search Bar and then clicking the gear icon.

Safari Extension: HoverZoom

  • Name: HoverZoom
  • Author: - Software for Mac and PC | Website | Download
  • Description: Hover over images to enlarge profile pictures and other photos on your favorite sites.

Safari Extension: NoMoreiTunes

  • Name: NoMoreiTunes
  • Author: Florian Pichler | Website | Download
  • Description: Stops iTunes preview pages from loading iTunes

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I see tweets all the time wishing for Safari extensions. Wouldn't it be great if someone was listening? Want me to add a wish of yours here? Tweet your...

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